To express liberty and freedom for all citizens within the boundaries of these United States of America. To promote conceptual ideas that appeal to the moral and accepted principles that promote Law and Order, along with values that encourage life, liberty, and the pursuit of a collective, as well as individual peace.

Color Free

Crime Free Zones

Introduction of Color Free / Crime Free Zones


To call to awareness and unity: global, international, national, state, cities, communities, neighborhoods, and schools and educational facilities


Promote prosperity, abstinence under law, and the introduction of a moral code of ethics based on human dignity


Ensuring the organization is aligned and set up successfully for Community involvement in Local Crime Prevention

Address Tension

Address Racial tension in schools, colleges, institutions, states, and local communities

Address Violence

Eliminate Gang violence in schools and in our neighborhoods

Betterment of

Relations in business, retail, commercial, corporate, non-government agencies, institutions, states, and local communities ....throughout the United States ​




We are Color Free

America is the country of citizenship for more ethnic and diverse cultures than any other country in the world and provides a unique opportunity for Americans.  We want to see this expand to all Nations.  Color Free America promotes Unity with acceptance of our diverse origins.  Preserve our ordained freedoms by working together to establish “Color Free Zone” where there is NO SUPREME RACE OR COLOR, only Citizens working together towards FREEDOM, LIBERTY and LAWFUL EXPRESSION FOR ALL PEOPLE.

Dr. Howard Hatcher and
Pastor Cindy Hatcher